Convicted murderer sentenced

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 19, 2004

Fourth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Tommy Jones sentenced Toni Rena Kimbrough, 17, of Lower Peach Tree, Wednesday morning in Wilcox County. Kimbrough was convicted of murdering Ashley Carter, 16, in a Feb. 16, 2003, incident at Wilcox Central High School. A jury convicted her on Dec. 10, 2003.

Ed Greene, Fourth Judicial Circuit district attorney, asked for 30 years, but said he was pleased with the 25-year sentence. &uot;This was an intentional, deliberate action on behalf of the defendant designed to take the life of the victim,&uot; Greene said. &uot;Carter’s crime was trying to walk away from the trouble.&uot;

Jones said he handed down the sentence early in the day so everyone in the courtroom could witness Kimbrough going to jail.

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Jones added that he didn’t know how to solve the problem of kids killing kids, but noted that he believed the solution began at the home. &uot;The fact of the matter is it’s where you come from,&uot; Jones said. &uot;It’s what you’re taught. Today is not a good day. I do not enjoy this part of my job.&uot;

Jones then sentenced Kimbrough to 25 years.

Kimbrough’s conviction stems from a Feb. 16, 2003, incident at Wilcox Central High School. Greene said as students were boarding school buses to go home. Kimbrough was standing around fellow students as she showed them a black-handed steak knife.

A student, who saw Carter nearby, called her over to the group. She approached, and after a few words began walking back toward the school.

Just as Carter was about to enter the school, Kimbrough grabbed her, spun her around and began stabbing her.

The forensics report states Carter died of multiple stab wounds.