Police say they’re close to arresting murder suspects

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 13, 2004

While no arrests have been made in the past two murders committed in Selma, police officials say they are very close to capturing their suspects.

A captain in the detective division of the Selma police department said Thursday that a suspect has been identified in the shooting death of Walter Lee Jones.

The body of Jones, 28, was found lying on the ground of residence in the 1300 block of Mabry Street on Jan. 30.

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Police say they are continuing to build their case against certain suspect(S) and believe an arrest will take place soon.

Jones’ home address-1307 Voeglin Avenue-is the exact same location 25-year-old Clinton James Peeples, Jr. was killed on the night of Jan. 27.

Peeples, the son of a Selma detective, was shot multiple times inside a parked car near a residence.

Police are still investigating this case and no warrants have been issued thus far.

No announcements have been made as to whether these two cases are connected.

Selma Police Chief Robert Green has said previously that drugs may be the likely motive for these crimes.

The Chief has declared a war on drugs in Selma and has orchestrated a major crack-down on all drug related activities.

So far, this tactic seems to be working. Since the last shooting, no other major shootings or acts of violent crime have been committed in the city.