Selma, like any city, is not without its problems. Crime and conflict exist in all facets of our lives.

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 12, 2004

But so do our city’s positives.

On Tuesday two officers with the Selma Police Department reached the rank of sergeant. Doug Stewart and Sam Miller raised their right hands and took their oaths from Police Chief Robert Green.

“These two officers are about to move up the chain of command,” Green said. “They are about to become decision makers.”

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We congratulate them.

Law enforcement is often a thankless job. Police officers deal with everything from traffic violations to high-speed chases. They do their jobs without congratulations from the people they are sworn to protect day after day.

Thank you, Selma Police Department, for a job well done.

The police can easily become targets when things go wrong. We want to acknowledge them when things go right. Stewart and Miller worked hard to reach the rank of sergeant. Not only did they have to pass a written test, but they also took a role-playing test – acting out a typical encounter they might find while on the job.

Several officers took the test, but only two became sergeants. Stewart, who’s been with the department for 16 years, noted that others were just as deserving as he. “We have a lot of good officers,” he said.”

We agree.

Stewart, Miller and the whole police department are to be commended on the job they do every day. We hope that the next time you encounter one of Selma’s finest, you tip your hat and say, “Thanks.”

It’s the least we can do.