Thanks to WCCS for making it better

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Wallace Community College of Selma is once again providing this community with opportunities for improvement. WCCS stands out as a leader of education for Selma and Dallas County. The efforts &045; and the resulting progress &045; that this college continues to make is having an impact not only on our community but throughout the Black Belt and all of Central Alabama as well.

Today young men and women who are interested in becoming leaders in their community can learn leadership skills in a new WCCS program. The college has partnered with a new federally funded program that prepares the students to become more involved in their communities as leaders.

The program is known as the Rural Leadership for Community Change and has not only found a home in Dallas County but is reaching across the country to aid five other rural communities. There will be an exchange of ideas, course work and projects among those that are involved with the program.

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This was not an easy grant to receive according to Dr. James Mitchell, WCCS’s president. But as with

many other Selma businesses and institutions, WCCS is offering the best, and the results of the hard work by Dr. Mitchell and the faculty are now being realized.

WCCS has already gained recognition because of

its Selma Works program, as well as for the fact that enrollment is at an all time high. That speaks volumes for the college and the community. For the college, it demonstrates that it has done and is doing a great job in defining courses that the community wants and needs. For the community, it shows that there are many who are seeking higher education.

People are realizing that with the competition in today’s work force the old adage &uot;The more you know, the more you’ll grow&uot; is true. Business owners and managers are looking for people who have invested in themselves by the discipline it takes to complete courses and to earn a degree.

For those who have been waiting for opportunity to knock on their door and show them the way to become a contributor to the city and county that they live in, now is the chance. WCCS has many benefits, but one that stands out is the fact of its convenience. There are few cities our size that provide a community college such as WCCS and four-year accredited institutions such as Concordia College and Selma University.

With the administrators and funding that are available for students there is no excuse for not succeeding. We thank WCCS for its continuing work in improving our way of life.