Selma’s civilians can train like the Police Dept.

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 5, 2004

The Selma Police Department is offering a chance for the rest of us civilians to learn how to be a man or woman in blue.

Beginning Feb. 9, citizens can register for the second session of the Citizen’s Police Academy.

According to Chief Robert Green, the program is designed to give participants an in-depth look into the operations of the police department.

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More than a simple tour of police headquarters, the Citizen’s Police Academy is a thirteen-week course that teaches participants some of the skills that officers use.

Green said, citizens will be able to use the department’s laser shot simulator that places an individual in a “shoot-or-don’t shoot” situation to test their reactions.

“This type of training tool is valuable to law enforcement officers who face deadly force situations,” Green said.

The program will culminate with participants scheduling ride-alongs with patrol officers. They will witness first-hand what police officers face each day.

“This was the most popular portion of the program last year,” Green said.

There will also be a few new aspects to this session.

Green said it will focus on crime prevention for individuals and business owners.

The chief instituted the program last year in a continuing effort to maintain a close partnership between the community and police department.

The new session will begin on March 29 and take place every Monday evening.

The courses will held in the evening to make it convenient for more people attend.

Anyone with questions or those wishing to participate in the Citizen’s Police Academy can contact Lt. David Evans at 874-2123.