It’s never out of style to be a volunteer

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 5, 2004

Times are tough for everyone. Selma had to tighten its belt as it budgeted for the new fiscal year. Alabama sucked in as it latched its belt buckle after the failure of Amendment One. Families across the state are feeling the effects of a sluggish economy that’s just beginning to show signs of recovery.

Charities are no exception to the tough times. The Selma – Dallas County United Way made significant cuts not only in the funds it distributes, but also in its own budget.

According to William Bowman, president of Visually Impaired People, his program took a hard hit. Bowman speaks to students about his experiences in school with a visual impairment. This year he wanted to focus on special education students with Selma schools.

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However, it could become more difficult to visit different schools with funding cuts.

We encourage everyone to not only look toward their checkbooks when charities are in need, but also toward themselves. Sometimes, the volunteering of time can be more valuable than any amount of money.

Tight belts are the fashion of the times for now, but fashions change as will our economy. One style that will never change, though, is the fashion of volunteerism.