Equalization board gets new member

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 4, 2004

The Dallas County Board of Equalization, which has the authority to set values on property and handle complaints of property owners, recently welcomed a new member to the board.

Julie Drinkard was sworn in to the Board of Equalization by Probate Judge Johnny Jones on Monday.

Drinkard will join with Herman Major and Charles Moss to meet annually with taxpayers on issues on concerning their property taxes.

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Drinkard said taking on a position in public office is nothing new to her.

A resident of Valley Grande, Drinkard is also a member of the town council.

Drinkard said she was asked several months ago if she would be interested in serving on the Board of Equalization.

Drinkard said she is still awaiting to be informed of her exact duties while on the board.

During her swearing in ceremony, she made an oath to &uot;fix, adjust, or equalize the taxable value of all property listed as taxation.&uot;

Frances Hughes, tax assessor for Dallas County, said the board holds meetings in the probate office of the county courthouse during a specific time each year.

Hughes said the board will likely meet again this spring.

Drinkard will likely have to attend a seminar sometime with in the next few months to get better acquainted with her duties.

Drinkard said she is honored to have been chosen to serve on the board, and will do what is necessary to ensure taxpayers needs are met.