Police get new cars

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 3, 2004

In a matter of days, Selma citizens can expect to see as many police cruisers on the street as they do in auto repair shops.

After spending nearly four years driving patrol vehicles with high mileage and continuous mechanical problems, the Selma Police Department finally got what they have been waiting for.

Last week, the police department received 10 new vehicles purchased by the City of Selma.

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Police Chief Robert Green said the Ford Crown Victorias are fully equipped

with all the latest technology officers will need and are ready to hit the streets.

The department also received a reconditioned vehicle for one of it’s detectives.

Green said many of the police cruisers have over 100,000 miles on them and are constantly breaking down due to overuse.

These new cars will likely help keep officers out of the mechanic’s shop and spend more time patrolling the city.

Green said these new vehicles will greatly improve morale among his officers, and give them peace of mind. They will be able to reach their destinations without mechanical mishaps.

The new cruisers look nearly identical to the older vehicles, complete with the same decals and logos on the sides.

The only major difference is that the new cars have a little more shine, a lot more engine power and happier drivers.

Citizens should expect to see the new patrol vehicles on the streets within a few days.