Mayor Perkins reacts to recent violence

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 2, 2004

When it comes to fighting violence in Selma, Mayor James Perkins Jr. will not accept failure as an option.

He made that statement in a Friday press release in response to Selma’s third murder of the year to date.

On Friday police officers discovered Walter Lee Jones, 28, shot outside a Mabry Street residence.

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Perkins said recommendations made by Selma’s crime task force needed implementation. &uot;If anyone believes there is something more important on this earth than the sanctity of human life, then I feel sorry for you,&uot; Perkins said.

Perkins created the crime task force at the city’s first town hall meeting on crime in October. The task force returned to the council in December with their recommendations on curbing crime.

The suggestions, which included a curfew, have yet to be implemented.

According to Perkins, City Attorney Jimmy Nunn is reviewing curfew laws from other communities in order to adopt a similar one for Selma. In addition, Perkins noted that the task force is scheduled to meet this week in order to follow up on the recommendations.

Perkins added that he’s asked Police Chief Robert Green and Assistant Police Chief Robert Jacobs to work together and implement the plan they presented to members of Perkins’ staff and himself Friday morning. &uot;I have instructed Assistant Chief Jacobs to implement the strategy presented. I asked Chief Green to fully support Assistant Chief Jacobs’ efforts. If either of these efforts does not work, then I am committed to try something else. Again, failure is not an option.&uot;