City attorney declares candidacy for district judge

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 30, 2004

City Attorney Jimmy Nunn has tossed his hat in the ring &045; for Dallas County District Court judge.

Nunn continued, saying that &uot;Residents within Dallas County have been crying out for a change and a better community to live in. After many hours of prayer and discussing my thoughts with my family and friends, it has become very obvious that this is the right time to announce my candidacy to the position of district judge for Dallas County.&uot;

Nunn emphasized four points about his candidacy, the theme of which is &uot;strengthening the family and community through law and justice.&uot;

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Child support and domestic issues were Nunn’s first point. Nunn said he wanted to mediate problems, and not tear families apart by placing people in jail who can’t pay child support. &uot;Instead of placing the father in jail and destroying the family even further, other avenues such as counseling and job training should be reviewed and explored as an option to educate the father on the responsibilities of being a parent,&uot; Nunn said.

Nunn added that once a father gained a job, he could then provide the benefits the woman and child require. &uot;Some may insist on not paying child support, and then they’ll be sent to jail,&uot; Nunn said. &uot;But it will be my last resort.&uot;

The second point of Nunn’s campaign is fairness, impartiality and respect. &uot;I think every case and every individual deserves the utmost respect from the judge,&uot; he said. &uot;It doesn’t matter whether you are poor, rich, black or white. As a candidate for judge, I am here to offer that respect and listen to you.&uot;

Youth in need of help is Nunn’s third campaign point. &uot;There is an old proverb that states, ‘It takes the whole community to raise a child,’&uot; Nunn said. &uot;I believe that I can make a positive impact on the juveniles within our community.&uot;

Nunn said one method of achieving that goal included working with the Selma Works program, the Selma Youth Development Center and GED programs, among others. He also noted that the Perry Varner Boot Camp needed a follow-up program added. Instead of juveniles returning to their old haunts after leaving the boot camp, they would receive therapy as would their families. &uot;As candidate for judge, I will work with the alternative programs and schools that are already established to make sure the mark we place on the child is a mark that leads to success and not disaster,&uot; Nunn said.

Nunn’s final campaign point was his pledge to work with agencies and departments within Dallas County to make the community a better place. &uot;I want to take this extra step in meeting with the agencies and asking them what I can do,&uot; he said.

Nunn was born and raised in Jemison and came to Selma in 1996. He first worked with Legal Services Corporation, a non-profit organization assisting people with low incomes. Over the two years Nunn worked with the agency he assisted people with divorce, child support, child abuse and neglect cases. &uot;I’m aware of how the mechanism works,&uot; he said.

Nunn then joined the Fourth Judicial Circuit district attorney’s office as an assistant district attorney for two years. While with the office he handled preliminary, traffic, misdemeanor and felony hearings. &uot;At that point, I was just at wherever I was needed,&uot; he said.

In 2000 Nunn become Selma’s city attorney

&045; the position he currently holds. &uot;It gave me different knowledge about how city government and county government work,&uot; he said. &uot;It really gave me a good grasp of politics and how it works.&uot;

Nunn is married to Phenicia Nunn, a mathematics teacher with the Dallas County School system. They have three children – Jimmy Nunn Jr., 7, Jimicia, 3, and Jimiya, 15 months.