Drive by Shooting injures atleast one.

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 25, 2004

From Staff Reports

According to an eye witness who wishes to be anonymous gunshots were fired from a vehicle that could not be determined on one side of a dark green suburban with Jefferson County license plates in front of Johnny’s Package store in Selma late Saturday evening.

The witness said that gunshots came from the unknown vehicle and went throught the suburban.

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Allegedly the gun shots went through the window of the suburban and into the package store.

The witness claimed that one passenger was hit by a bullet.

As the stream of bullets filled the air one

hit an employee of the package store in the arm.

The victim was taken to Vaughan Regional Medical Center for treatment

According to the witness there were three bullet holes in the awning of the package store and an overhead light for the parking light was shot out.

In the same timeframe there were two young girls who frantically ran into the St. James.

The witnesses said that the girls were covered with blood and glass.

Someone then called the police from inside the St. James.

Attempts were made to contact Police Chief Robert Green who could not be reached for comment. Look in the upcoming editions of the Times-Journal for more information regarding Saturday’s events.