The Times-Journal thanks Chris Samuels

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 13, 2004

You often hear about the contributions professional athletes make to their respected communities.

But very seldom do you have someone who gives because there is a need no matter where that need may be.

In this case that need just happened to be in the Black Belt.

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And that professional athlete is Chris Samuels, a member of the Washington Redskins National Football team.

Samuels announced in June 2003 that his company, CRS Development, would build a subdivision over the next five years.

The subdivision will consist of houses, townhouses and a community center that utilizes green space.

The development will sit on a 20-acre parcel of land between Highland Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Armstead Joyner, an engineer for CRS, stated in yesterday’s Times-Journal that the subdivision will include one- and two-bedroom homes as well as a community center and an assisted living facility for the elderly.

The community building will feature offices, classrooms and a kitchen.

The assisted living facility will boast a community room, a medical exam room and a therapeutic pool.

There will be 20 townhouses, and 43 single-family homes are planned.

The subdivision is surrounded by 20 to 25 feet of natural buffer.

The perimeter will include walking trails and the prices are expected to range from $90,000 to $120,000.

The investment that Samuels is making will be felt as soon as the process begins in building this subdivision.

CRS has made a commitment to use Selma’s businesses as much as possible and have already partnered with Henry Brick to provide materials.

This just shows that good things still happen.

Selmians should understand the important role that this development plays.

Not only will it improve quality of life for many people, but it is also another example of Selma being a good place for progress.

You should notice the construction on and around Highland Avenue.

The Times-Journal says thank you Chris Samuels for what you are bringing to Selma and the long-term return that will result from your contributions.