Ten Good Men

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 25, 2003

Sheer joy filled the dining room at Brown YMCA on Tuesday as the 25 participants in Brown’s Adult Day Care Program were joined by YMCA staff, members of the Ten Good Men organization, a women’s gospel group called &uot;The Imperial Gospel Singers,&uot;

volunteers, and other friends of the program.

Approximately 75 were treated to a full Christmas dinner, prepared by Leola Jackson, mother of Ten Good Men President, Terry Jackson.

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Patricia Robinson, director of the Adult Daycare Program, proudly introduced her participants one by one, each of whom was attired especially for the occasion.

It was a grand spread. Louise Norton, who works at Grist YMCA, said, &uot;They (the Ten Good Men organization) serve incredible food at this annual event. You would expect cornbread but instead the participants get cake,&uot; she beamed.

Before the dinner there was gospel singing, clapping, joy and laughter in the room where Adult Daycare participants gather Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Participants come from as far away as the Craig Field area.

Ten Good Men &045; the group actually has 12 members &045; whose meetings are held at Brown YMCA have prepared this meal as a special gift for the past six years and take great pride in the joy that it brings to the participants, according to Terry Jackson.

His wife, Nancy, is leader of &uot;The Imperial Gospel Singers,&uot; which entertained those gathered with a lively medley of religious songs. The Ten Good Men male chorus also sang songs before the meal.

According to John Solomon, director of Brown YMCA, the program is designed to provide a safe place for homebound persons who meet the qualifications to participate in state-funded adult daycare. There is one other such center funded by the state in Dallas County, in Safford, and two for-profit programs, he said.

Solomon, himself a member of Ten Good Men, estimates that the food served cost approximately $800. Money is gathered during the year, and whatever is left is spent on this meal, he said.

Angie Miller, YMCA CEO, was delighted at the food and the program. &uot;The participants are so deserving,&uot; she said. She expressed gratitude for the outpouring of generosity from Ten Good Men and others associated with their group who put on this annual feast.