Selma and county best places to shop

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 23, 2003

There are only two days left to shop for your loved ones.

This is a tall task and requires some thinking and planning logistically.

One must take all the factors into account such as price, size, smell and all the objections that the recipient may have for receiving such a gift or gifts.

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With all of this hard decision making, what is one to do and where should one go to purchase these important items for his or her loved ones?

The Times-Journal is proud to inform you we have the answer to where you need to purchase your Christmas gifts.

The answer does not lie in taking the interstate to your favorite city, nor does it mean you have to go outside of Dallas County.

We are convinced that the majority of everyone’s Christmas shopping can be done within the city limits of Selma and county limits of Dallas County.

For a city our size, Selma provides much variety in new and used vehicles, furniture, jewelry and most stocking stuffers.

We are fortunate to have a mall that has anchor stores such as McRaes, JC Penney and Goody’s.

The mall also is host to many smaller businesses just waiting to sell you that perfect shoe, ring or even a matching wig for one’s outfit.

Then you can take the present to Wrapping It Up, which is inside the mall as well, to have it wrapped just the way you like.

Why add to the already hectic holiday season the challenge of traveling to the larger cities?

Remember that a good portion of every dime you spend locally will stay local.

This is a season of giving, sharing time and exchanging gifts with loved ones.

Remember that it is not what gift you give, rather it is what the gift means and the thoughts that went behind it that brings out the meaning of Christmas.

The Times-Journal wishes all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.