Assistant chief not retiring

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Following a decision by the Selma City Council to begin an &uot;assessment&uot; of the Selma Police Department, Assistant Police Chief Robert Jacobs has chosen not to retire.

Mayor James Perkins Jr. announced Jacobs’ retirement at a press conference last Wednesday.

His last day on the job was to be Friday.

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In a statement on Friday, Perkins notes that Jacobs has since changed his mind.

Perkins adds that the council’s decision to hire a consultant to review management issues in the police department made the difference.

Last Thursday Council President George Evans said the council wanted an assessment of the police department.

He added that he wanted a neutral party to conduct the investigation.

Perkins said he would seek proposals from potential parties capable of performing the assessment. He’ll bring the proposals to the council for it to review.

Police Chief Robert Green said Perkins notified him of Jacobs’ decision on Monday. &uot;It was a big surprise,&uot; Green said. &uot;I’m a professional, and I’ll deal with it as best I can. I’m prepared to move forward and put this issue behind me.&uot;

Last Thursday Jacobs appeared before the council in an executive session to explain his reasons for retiring. Green appeared before the council on the same day in another executive session to respond to Jacobs’ allegations.

Council members then heard from both Jacobs and Green.

On Wednesday Perkins said Jacobs’ retirement stemmed from a series of events involving Lt. Bill Hamner. Hamner is currently appealing a 10-day suspension he received from Perkins on Dec. 8.

Reasons given for the suspension include conduct unbecoming an employee in the public service and reasons deemed to be in the best interests of public service.