Murder suspect pleads ‘not guilty’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 21, 2003

A Selma man charged with capital murder has pleaded &uot;not guilty.&uot; He’ll have a long time to wait before telling his story to a jury, though.

Jeffery L. Davis, 41, entered pleas of &uot;not guilty&uot; and &uot;not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect&uot; at his arraignment last week. According to Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Ed Greene, Davis’ trial is scheduled for Oct. 25, 2004.

Davis is charged with the capital murder of Hosea Williams, 49, who was found shot to death in his car on June 23.

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Davis’ charge stems from a shooting behind the Selma Mall. The Selma Police Department received a call around 10:46 a.m. alerting it to an altercation that had occurred in the parking lot at the mall.

Police officers took Davis into custody later the same day. Davis later admitted certain facts pertaining to the crime, according to Greene. These admissions subsequently led him to being charged with Williams’ murder.

When Davis was apprehended he had in his possession items which allegedly were traded to Williams just days earlier.

Davis is being held in the Dallas County Jail under no bond.

Blanchard McLeod was one of two attorneys representing Davis. However, he was removed for medical reasons. Cheshire has been appointed in McLeod’s place.

Local attorney Joseph Hagood remains Davis’ second attorney.

It’s custom for capital murder defendants to have two counsels.

According to Greene, capital murder carries a sentence of life without parole or death. &uot;We’ll just have to see when we get to trial,&uot; he said when asked which sentence he would seek.

The discovery process is expected to proceed at a January hearing. At discovery, the prosecution must share its evidence with the defense.