Panel listing hazardous materials

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 12, 2003

If you are housing one of more than 200 hazardous materials, the Local Emergency Planning Committee wants to know.

The LEPC held a meeting on Thursday night in commission chambers at the Dallas County Courthouse Annex.

According to Dallas County Emergency Manage-ment Agency Director Brett Howard, a list of businesses that house hazardous materials has been compiled. An update on the process will occur at the meeting.

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The LEPC writes emergency plans. The list of businesses that house hazardous materials will help emergency responders in the case of an emergency.

A hand-out will be given to emergency responders such as fire departments. Those hand-outs will not only list the businesses that have hazardous materials, but will also list where in the business each material is located.

Large companies aren’t the only businesses that hold hazardous materials. Howard said he also wants to hear from smaller businesses, such as gas stations, that house materials such as kerosene. &uot;The LEPC is going to start with the reporting companies and broaden it from there,&uot; he said.

Reporting companies are those businesses that provide hazardous materials information to the LEPC on a regular basis.

Online submission forms were also discussed Thursday. &uot;Instead of submitting their information on 40 sheets of paper, they can do it online,&uot; Howard said.

According to Randy Wallace, chairman of the LEPC, most information needed for the hand-out can be gained from tier II forms, which are submitted to the EMA each year. Wallace requested that all businesses housing hazardous materials fill out the forms and send them to the proper agencies.

Businesses no longer housing hazardous materials should send a letter to the EMA and Selma Fire Department.

Businesses can inform the LEPC of the specific locations of their hazardous materials by completing the proper forms.

The EMA can be reached at 874-2515.