Play deals with lines, world peace

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Hold on to your cowboy hats. In less than two weeks a new musical comedy will be opening in Selma with performances by well-known Nashville singer-songwriters.

Complete with 16 original songs, the musical will take place at 7 p.m. on Dec. 16 at the Larry Striplin Performing Arts Center.

The characters of Chuck, Hamlet and Big Daddy focus on everything from long lines at Wal-Mart to finding world peace.

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Kennedy said the inspiration for the musical came from his experiences of performing around a fake campfire as the opening act for country music legend Garth Brooks a few years ago.

Along with partner Dan Roberts, his set consisted of two men singing funny and insightful &uot;cowboy&uot; songs.

Kennedy plays the part of &uot;Chuck,&uot; a guy who rides motorcycles, dates too many women, and is always up for a good time.

Nashville songwriter Wynn Varble, as &uot;Hamlet,&uot; is the show opener. Described as a man of simple pleasures, the character is trying to live with a disruptive wife who keeps calling him on his cell phone.

Some of Varable’s songs in &uot;Cod Roaster&uot; have been recorded by artists Brooks and Brad Paisley.

The only Alabama native of the troupe, Troy Jones of Sylacauga, plays the part of &uot;Big Daddy.&uot;

This character is a tractor mechanic who begins to reveal more about himself as the musical wears on.

In real life, Jones is a successful songwriter for Polygram/Universal.

Even before he opened for Brooks, Kennedy was no stranger to the spot light. His father, James, headed Mercury Records-Nashville for over 20 years. Kennedy’s brother is an accomplished songwriter/performer with songs on several top-selling records.

Despite having once performed for millions, Kennedy says his real enjoyment comes from working with his musical.

Tickets for &uot;Cod Roaster&uot; are currently available at The Selma Times-Journal for $15 per person.