Don’t forget safety this Thanksgiving

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 26, 2003

With that said, drivers need to be extra careful as they make the trip on their long and winding roads. As you drive you need to remember the following:

1. Get plenty of sleep before driving

2. Turn off cellular phones

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3. Use your seatbelt

4. Do not drink or take any mind altering medications or drugs while driving

5. Obey the speed limit

Several law enforcement agencies across the state &045; including the Selma Police Department &045; will be out in full force preparing for this heavy traffic in order to keep citizens safe from hazardous or drunk drivers. No matter where you travel in the state you are sure to come across law enforcement on patrol.

In Selma, Police Chief Robert Green said his officers will be out in increased numbers during Thanksgiving weekend to watch for dangerous or illegal activities. There will be road blocks set up and there will be a saturation of officers on the streets.

According to Green the officers will be looking for drunk drivers, passengers wearing seat belts, valid driver’s licenses and proof of insurance. Any violators will be given a ticket.

The holiday season is meant for families to come together and think about what the holiday means for them and the society in which we live. Remember, when accidents happen they normally affect not only the person who created the accident but in addition many others who are involved due to the calamity.

Remember that no turkey is worth breaking the law.

The Selma Times-Journal wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!