New construction is sign of the times

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 23, 2003

Selma is a good place to do business.

The excitement in Mayor James Perkins Jr.’s voice was plainly evident. He was talking about the &uot;unprecendented growth and construction&uot; that has been taking place in Selma in recent months.

And the list of new and existing businesses that have chosen to locate or expand in this area is truly impressive. Vaughan Regional Medical Center, Lear Corp., Central Alabama Farmers Co-Op, Hampton Inn, Cato, Dunn Nursing Home, Church’s Chicken, AmSouth Bank, OReilly Auto Parts &045; and on and on.

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Business votes with its pocketbook. To have such a lengthy and varied list of businesses &045; large and small &045; give Selma a vote of confidence by choosing to build new facilities or to expand existing ones is both gratifying and exciting.

The new growth is welcome. Unemployment in the Selma-Dallas County area continues to hover in the double-digit range, far higher than Alabama’s average and much too high to be considered acceptable. News that so many separate business concerns have chosen to invest in the jewel of the Black Belt is tangible evidence that we are witnessing a fundamental shift in how others perceive us.

Selma has much untapped potential &045; economic and otherwise. There are many economic incentives for businesses to locate here. There are also many intangible reasons to do business here

Let us all roll up our sleeves and redouble ourselves to the task of making our city attractive to prospective firms.

Selma is a good place to do business.