High speed access is here

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 18, 2003

This past weekend patrons to the Selma Mall had a opportunity to witness first-hand just how fast browsing the Internet could be.

The Charter Communications company placed a trailer in the mall parking lot displaying computers operating with the newly established High-Speed Internet Service.

This fast service has already been in use in other parts of the state for the past few years, and now it is finally becoming available in Selma.

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Cass Chandler, operations manager for Charter, said residents could access the cable Internet beginning on Nov. 10.

Chandler said the main attraction to the cable Internet is the speed in which users can download and upload information.

It can deliver up to 2 megahertz, which means a Web page can be viewed on a monitor in a matter of seconds.

For those who order the service, a Charter employee will come to each customer’s home and install a modem to their personal computer.

The back of the modem is then connected to the customer’s regular cable cord.

The process normally takes only a few minutes and then the user is ready to surf the net.

To save a few extra dollars, residents can purchase their own modems from any computer supply store before signing-up for the Internet access.

Though this new way to connect to the Web is faster and less of a hassle than the traditional telephone dial-up, it also comes with a higher price.

Chandler said the introductory rate for High-Speed Internet is about $30 a month until April 2004.

After this, the price increases to $35 a month for those who use Charter’s modem.

The price stays at $30 a month, Chandler said, for customers who have their own modem.

Over time, these fees will likely increase again by another $10.

Despite the expensive price tag, Chandler says he feels the service will be successful.

To learn more about the High-Speed Internet and get a sample of how fast it really is, customers can logon to www.charter.com.