Making it work is what makes it great

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 4, 2003

To think of a great idea is not very hard. However, to actually implement that idea takes someone who is dedicated and who should be applauded for making that effort.

Steve Grossman is just that kind of person.

Grossman is the owner and inventor of Microwave Roasters. The concept is one that was based on microwave popcorn. The fad of having popcorn that tastes like that they serve in the movie theaters in your own home has had an impact on virtually everyone’s life. The idea of enjoying microwave popcorn while sitting in the comfort of your home and watching your favorite movie is one that has been etched in stone the last decade or so.

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The hope that Grossman has is that his products &045; such as Peanut Roasters, Micro Bak’n and Micro Rings &045; will one day nurture that same feeling as does the popcorn.

Grossman is familiar with the food industry, having spent time as co-chairman of the since-disbanded American Candy Co. in Selma in the 1980’s. It is to that experience that he contributes his decision to try his hand at food manufacturing.

The Times-Journal stated in Monday’s edition that with the experience in the food manufacturing business Grossman understands the struggles of dealing with the larger corporate sphere dominated by a handful of food production giants and distributors. Nevertheless, Grossman remains undaunted. It is not just a matter of wanting to make a lot of money &045; sure, he would like to make a buck, who wouldn’t? But beyond money is the idea that has captured his imagination.

It is this kind of thinking that makes people great. If we could take Grossman’s optimism and work ethic to our city and county, what kind of difference could we make? Every citizen in our community has some sort of idea as to what the city needs to gear itself toward, but what about the implementation?

What ideas are there for Selma? What about Valley Grande?

Plenty of people have the imagination to think of ideas that could make both of these communities an utopia. The question is who is going to implement any of these ideas.

It will start with the common person expressing their dreams to the elected officials. Then it will take the politicians efforts to implement many of these. Finally, it will fall on the common voter to ensure that whoever is elected is striving for the ideas that put that person or persons into office.

Democracy is based on a dream … an idea.

If it is not used then it is for naught.

We applaud Steve Grossman for taking a step forward and following his dreams. We also encourage the city and county to follow his example.