State disciplines county teachers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 30, 2003

The names of three former and current Dallas County School System employees are among the list of approximately 300 teachers statewide who have received certification disciplinary action over the past 30 years.

The Teacher Certificates Actions Taken list, made public this week on the state Department of Education web site, lists the names of educators who have been deemed unsuitable to teach in classrooms.

The list includes individuals who have had their Alabama teaching certificates suspended, revoked, denied, voluntarily surrendered, or emergency suspended since the early 1960s.

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Those from the county school system who made the list include former Southside High School Vice Principal John Harris. The Actions Taken list shows that Harris had his certificate emergency suspended for 120 days effective Oct. 10.

On Oct. 15, the Dallas County School Board voted to suspend Harris without pay.

The other two employees named on the web site are Harold Kynard and James Ray Strickland.

According to the list, Kynard had his certificate emergency suspended for 120 days effective Oct. 2, and Strickland had his certificate revoked in July of 1999.

Superintendent Wayne May said Kynard and Strickland no longer work at the school system.

May said state superintendents have the authority to deny, revoke or suspend certificates of any person for reasons of immorality, misconduct in office, insubordination, incompetency, or willful neglect of duty.

According to a statement issued by the state superintendent Ed Richardson, records are still being investigated and more names could be added to the list.

The Actions Taken list can be viewed by going online to web site and clicking on the link.

Since 1997, new teachers in Alabama have been required to submit their fingerprints for comparison against in-state arrest records. In 1999, those checks were expanded to include comparison with an FBI national arrest database.