Library constantly improving for Selma

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 29, 2003

When asked about the quality of life in Selma one of the first responses is the Selma Public Library.

The library is an institution that has helped educate our leaders and parents of Selma and Dallas County.

It serves as a retreat for those who are less attentive to the programming of cable television.

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It is a nesting place for some as they find strength from some of the books that are available.

The library as well serves as study hall for the college and high school students.

They are able to interact with the online world through the usage of free computers and Internet.

The library may well be one of the last places in today’s hectic world &045; other than a church sanctuary &045; where one can find complete peace of mind.

The citizens of Selma and Dallas County are fortunate to have such a majestic library and even more fortunate to have people such as Becky Nichols employed at the library.

Nichols is director of the library.

She has a passion for her profession and especially for children.

You read not long ago in The Times-Journal about a campaign to save the aquarium in the children’s section of the library.

Nichols is always on the path to improving the library for the kids of this area.

She has created a venue for the kids that offers them rewards for reading and even time to sit back and enjoy a puppet show.

Now, Nichols has orchestrated another fabulous event that will be part of the Selma Public Library and the City of Selma for the early part of the holidays.

Kaleidoscope, a traveling art studio sponsored by Hallmark Corporation, will start the week of Dec. 1 and last for two weeks.

Two large colorful trucks will be transformed into a self-contained, climate-controlled portable space.

Inside the tent, children in kindergarten through fifth grade will be given a free opportunity to draw color and paint to their hearts’ content.

Nichols stated in Tuesday’s Times-Journal that more than 6,000 children are expected to visit the exhibit.

More than 150 volunteers from various church groups and local organizations will be working with the children from city, county and private schools.

This, indeed, will be a good time for the children and even parents.

Remember to mark the first week of your calendar so you can make a special visit to &uot;Kaleidoscope&uot;!