Sanders says registrars’ raise nothing new

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 6, 2003

Two bills recently signed into law by Gov. Bob Riley give Dallas County Board of Registrars members an additional $20 per day of work &045; and makes it retroactive to April 1, 2000.

According to State Sen. Hank Sanders, though, the board won’t be receiving any additional monies because of the bills’ passage.

Board members currently make $80 in an eight-hour day. Before additional funds were added they made $60 per day. Members work 10 days a month.

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Sanders, who introduced the bills, added that both legitimized previous law, which hadn’t met approval from the Alabama Department of Public Examiners.

Sanders was asked by a member of the department of public examiners and by Dallas County Probate Judge Johnny Jones to submit the bills. Sanders noted that without support from state Reps. Yusuf Salaam and James Thomas as well as from state Sen. Wendell Mitchell, the bills would never have come out of committee.

According to Jones, whose salary is increased by $7,200 by one of the bills, the original legislation granting the board of registrars more money was introduced in 2001. The law stated that the additional monies should begin on the first day of the third month after its passage.

However, an error occurred and payments began as of April 2000, which led to the department of public examiners and Jones asking Sanders for legislation to correct the mistake.

Dallas County Finance Director Nancy Wilson said, &uot;The funds have already been paid. No money will be paid out. It already has been.&uot;

Wilson said that when the additional payments began as of April 2000, they began in error.

Wilson was not the finance director in April 2000. Jones was probate judge in April 2000, but was not chairman of the Dallas County Commission at the time.

Betty Jones, member of the Dallas County Board of Registrars, said she was happy to receive the additional $20 supplement to her salary. &uot;It’s just a lot of work,&uot; she said.