AIDS education is a good thing for Selma

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 26, 2003

Today’s world is vastly different from the one just 40 years ago. Sexual images fill the television screens, music videos and movies which pour into our homes each day. People become sexually active at a younger age and that activity has led to several problems in our society &045; AIDS being one of them.

That’s why an organization such as Selma AIR &045; AIDS Information and Referral Service is so important.

HIV/AIDS is a disease contracted mainly through sexual contact, but also through blood transfusions or any exchange of blood. It can enable a normal viral infection with the ability to kill.

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AIR seeks to educate the people of Dallas County about AIDS, as well as to test residents for the disease.

We believe education and knowledge to be the most valuable tools in any situation, especially against a foe as deadly as AIDS.

AIR visits our schools and community functions each year, and teaches our children total abstinence while giving adults information on safe sex and its importance.

That knowledge isn’t just important to the continued well-being of our community, it’s vital. The gaining of knowledge, however, isn’t a one-way street. We must be willing to listen to the message AIR provides to us and encourage our children to do the same.

And we must be willing to support non-profit groups such as AIR allowing it to continue its work of educating and assisting our community. Cutbacks on the state and local levels threaten funding to AIR, a majority of which comes from United Way.

Something as important as AIDS education and testing can’t be left up to the funding pitfalls all counties and states encounter from time to time. It’s a need Dallas County must recognize and respond to.