Fair brings out best for Selma, Selmians

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 23, 2003

On Monday Sept. 29, 2003, the doors of Selma’s Old Armory will open for the 47th Annual Central Alabama Fair.

This is just another event that the city of Selma should be proud of.

The fair is not only for the children of the community but also for the grown-ups who still enjoy being kids at heart.

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It is also a time for the adults to spend some quality time with their children.

The fair has many intriguing attractions.

It will offer a petting zoo for those city kids who aren’t fortunate enough to pet a pig, chicken or other farm animals.

It will be a good time for the kids to learn that these animals are very appreciative of those who show affection.

There will also be face painting, clowns, balloon animals and Smokey the Bear.

On the schedule there are also carnival rides that will remind people to appreciate gravity.

The fair will have events designated for each night of the week to attract a targeted audience, but each night is sure to be fun for any one.

The fair is one of the rare times that the community can attend an event and not worry about the history or the future of the community.

So many times the city of Selma focuses on how to improve the city and what is to become of Selma.

People wonder about the growth of industry, job security and education.

Even the Times-Journal spends much of its time reporting on this and many times offering suggestions.

The fair doesn’t highlight the faults of the community such as the crime or political disharmony.

Instead it puts an emphasis on how the people of Selma can enjoy themselves.

This sets a good example of how we need to spend our time.

The gratitude for this goes to the Lions Club and its members for working so hard to put this show on year after year.

The people behind the scenes deserve much for what they bring to the city and its children.

The Times-Journal salutes the Lions Club and all of the sponsors for making this possible and hopes for 47 more years of just another positive for the city of Selma.