Marriage occurs under Pettus bridge

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 22, 2003

Just a dozen or so yards away the late afternoon traffic drones steadily past.

From time to time curious onlookers stop to stare at the young man dressed in the white tuxedo with the pastel cummerbund and the young woman with the full-length bridal gown and the crowd of gaily dressed people clustered around them.

But Jimmy Pratt and Angel Mount see none of it. They have eyes only for each other. They are getting married and this is their wedding day.

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Jimmy, 22, is from Selma. Angel, 20, hails from down in Greenville. Saturday they got married in Songs of Selma Park at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Angel admits she was caught a little off guard when her husband-to-be first suggested they get married &uot;under a bridge.&uot;

But she loves him and wants to please him and so there was never really any question of being married anywhere else. When he brought her to the site, she recalls, &uot;I thought it was pretty.&uot;

Jimmy and Angel met at a grandmother’s house, although they’ve forgotten whose grandmother it was exactly. It might have been one of Jimmy’s grandmothers; it might have been one of Angel’s &045; doesn’t really matter anymore.

Asked how her new husband proposed, Angel starts to say something and then catches herself. Her eyes search his face. &uot;He just asked me,&uot; she says at last. &uot;He didn’t do anything special.&uot;

Their eyes meet and something is communicated silently between them.

The happy couple plans to reside in Greenville after a short honeymoon.