Community should support United Way

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 4, 2003

The United Way isn’t just a charitable organization &045; it’s a Selma institution.

The Selma-Dallas County United Way came into existence in 1944 and currently raises and allocates funds to 16 different charitable and community groups including the YMCA and Girl Scouts. And it needs our help.

The official kickoff for this year’s fund-raiser began Aug. 21 and will last until Dec. 16. The United Way needs to raise $480,000 in order to continue assisting organizations such as the American Red Cross.

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That’s what our community needs &045; people who live, work and raise their children here making the decisions about where funds need to go. The group may be affiliated with the national United Way, but all funding decisions are made on the local level by people in our community.

And our local institutions are the ones aided by the United Way’s efforts.

People may be wary of donating their money to a cause in a different country or even here in America if they can’t see the results of their donation. But we can watch our funds being used right here in Selma and Dallas County by donating to the United Way. Some funds are used for groups while other monies are devoted to emergency assistance for families in need.

It’s us helping ourselves.

We hope all Selma and county residents will consider the United Way when choosing what charities to donate to this year. The group has a goal of $480,000 this year. It’s doubtful that goal will be met by one individual or even 10. But every little bit counts.

This year, as in past years, the United Way is counting on us.