Suspects in Tyler man’s murder held without bail

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 21, 2003

Three Selmians charged with capital murder remain in the Dallas County Jail under no bond after their first court appearance Wednesday.

Terry Javon Shaw, 23, Myron Antonio Gordon, 20, and Barbara Eaton, 19, are charged with the death of Tyrone Middleton, 25, of Tyler. Middleton was found dead at the Days Inn & Suites Aug. 10 by housekeeping staff.

Selma police officers arrested Shaw, Gordon and Eaton on Friday.

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The defendants appeared before Dallas County District Court Judge Nathaniel Walker Wednesday for a first call hearing.

Johnson-Theodoro said in capital murder cases the state can request defendants be held with no bond, which Walker granted on Wednesday.

Defendants also had attorneys appointed for them at the first call hearing. Local attorneys Michael Jackson and Joseph Hagood are expected to represent Gordon. Attorneys Kyra Sparks and Vaughan Russell are expected to represent Eaton. Attorney Alston Keith is expected to represent Shaw.

Johnson-Theodoro said that each defendant will have two attorneys because of the serious nature of capital murder. &uot;It’s one of the most serious crimes we have,&uot; she said.

A second attorney has not yet been appointed for Shaw.

Relatives of Middleton and the defendants were present at Wednesday’s hearing. Because of the emotional nature of the case, Johnson-Theodoro said Walker had everyone scanned for weapons before entering the courtroom. &uot;There’s a lot of emotion here,&uot; Johnson-Theodoro said. &uot;And a lot of emotion in the courtroom.&uot;

Before being returned to the Dallas County Jail, a preliminary hearing for the defendants was set for Sept. 25. Johnson-Theodoro said defense attorneys would probably request another bond hearing at that time.

That’s something Jackson said he intends to do.

Jackson said he would request bond for his client because there was no reason Gordon should be in jail. &uot;He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,&uot; Jackson said.

Jackson said co-counsel Hagood will handle any motions filed concerning the case while he will try the case. &uot;In a capital murder case, you’re going to file all kinds of motions,&uot; Jackson added.

Sparks said she hoped to gain any statements from the Dallas County district attorney’s office that defendants may have made before the Sept. 25 preliminary hearing.

Sparks said she also plans on requesting bond for Eaton at the preliminary hearing. If Sparks can establish that Eaton had no involvement in Middleton’s death or was at the wrong place at the wrong time, she said it would be her argument that Eaton should have a bond.