Tournament raises sickle cell awareness

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 18, 2003

People usually visit a doctor when confronted with sickle cell anemia, but this Saturday a golf course was consulted instead.

The Tri-Counties Sickle Cell Association of Selma sponsored a golf tournament at Craig Golf Course. Participants were both locals and out-of-towners whose registration fees went to support the association.

According to Stanley Johnson, CEO of Diamond Light Entertainment, Saturday’s event gave a chance to bring awareness about sickle cell to the public. “Many people are misinformed about the disease,” he said.

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Debbie L. Moore, executive vice-president with Diamond Light Entertainment, agreed. Moore said sickle cell once stood at the forefront of public awareness, but had recently fallen by the wayside. “There’s still a need,” Moore said.

Johnson discovered the weekend’s event after talking with Kirit Chapatwala, association chairman of the board, and Margaret Bolling, association executive director. He now holds the position of corporate liaison with the association and helps raise funds for the organization.

Johnson and Moore also took footage of Saturday’s event for a promotional multimedia presentation Diamond Light Entertainment will create. Footage taken included testimonials and interviews with golfers, doctors and sufferers of sickle cell anemia.

The presentation is slated as a tool for soliciting contributions to the association, but it’s also expected to air on DLE Report – a weekly program scheduled to start airing in mid-September on PAX, an NBC affiliate.

Johnson said each airing of DLE Report will last 30 minutes and feature stories on health, sports and entertainment among others.

“We’ll stay with the topic longer than traditional news,” Moore added.

Moore said DLE Report wouldn’t be restricted to national news, but would include community events such as Saturday’s golf tournament.

The five- to seven-minute presentation of Saturday’s event is expected to air on DLE Report’s first installment.

“When viewers watch our show, they’ll know about the sickle cell organization and its importance,” Moore said.