It’s time to get past the E-911 conflict

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Last night the Selma City Council voted 6 – 3 to move with Enhanced 911 and their communications center from 12 Franklin St. to 311 Dallas Ave.

This vote was past due, and we hope the council stays with its decision to move with E-911.

Since the E-911 board voted March 31, 2003, to relocate its center, its actions have been steady and straightforward. It has not wavered nor has it strayed from what it believed was the right thing to do.

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According to board member Brett Howard, in May 2002 the board was told the current location of 12 Franklin St. wasn’t safe and that it couldn’t permanently be fixed. At that time it began the search for a new home.

The City of Selma came to the same conclusion last night.

Discussion by the city on what to do has lasted since the board’s March decision. Since March both E-911 and the county have laid their plans. Property at 311 Dallas Ave. has been purchased and the board is sincere in its determination to move.

President George Evans has remarked on the board’s determination a number of times. Monday night he commented on the council’s months-long debate.

Push finally came to shove at the council’s meeting and a vote passed to join with the county and E-911 board after one last debate.

And we are glad a decision was made.

Now, we can only hope the County Commission, E-911 board and City Council resolve any remaining differences and move beyond this issue.

Because, when all is said and done, this isn’t about money or power or where towers can be placed within the city.

It’s about ensuring the safety of all citizens in Dallas County whether they live in the county or the city.

We hope our leaders feel the same way.