Teens provide role models for everyone

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 5, 2003

The most important part of any teens’ agenda these days seem to include key words such as Playstation, X-Box, or rap music.

This is not to say that including these into one’s adolescent daily routine is bad unless it consumes all of the teen’s time.

Most parents have to choose between Eminem and Brittany Spears when providing a role model for their teenagers.

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Searching for role models is as hard a task that parents will face.

However, in Monday’s Times-Journal you can find 18 teenage role models.

These are the not the types you will find on your television screens dancing and acting or singing their favorite lyrics through the air- waves of radio.

These are normal, hard working and dedicated teenagers who would rather sweat to help others instead of staying in style or being cool.

Recently 18 young people worked five to seven hours a day, five days a week for seven weeks this summer.

Instead of listening to Hollywood and their televisions, these teens were learning what it felt like to be appreciated for showing someone that they care.

The teens were part of the summer enrichment program at St. Edmund’s Learning Center.

During the seven weeks the teens helped younger children through educational games, listened to them read, assisted them with arts and craft projects and supervised extra curricular activities.

These teens spent their summer doing something productive.

That is a lesson that all adolescents need to understand and put into effect.

If you want your children to be responsible then they must begin at an early age.

The 18 young people who put forth such an outstanding effort should be commended for spending their time where it counts &045;&045; with other people working for the good of things.

This is an example not only teenagers but also to adults as to where we need to put our attention.

One young lady found out two days after graduation that she had Hodgkin’s cancer.

She begged to be allowed to work.

And with doctor’s permission she worked every afternoon.