Video gaming machines found

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Beer, marijuana and video gambling machines &045;&045; all in a day’s work for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Nine video gambling machines were confiscated Friday night from an establishment known as Big House No. 2 on Moores Ferry Road, according to Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman Jr.

James &uot;Shorty&uot; Harvell, 72, was arrested and charged with possession of beer for sale and possession of gambling devices.

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Jennifer Zennerman, 40, was also arrested in a related incident and charged with selling beer without a license and unlawful possession of marijuana second degree.

Both were taken to the Dallas County Jail.

Huffman said complaints about the machines led an undercover officer with the Fourth Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force to enter a home known as Big House No. 1 last Friday.

The undercover officer found Big House No. 1 had beer for sale and a pool table, but Huffman noted it had no license to sell the beer.

The officer reported buying beer from the house before moving on to Big House No. 2, a mobile home right next door. According to Huffman, it was closed at the time, but the officer returned later that evening when it was open.

Big House No. 2 had some food items for sale, but also nine video gambling machines against its walls, Huffman said.

The officer played the machines before leaving to get a search warrant. The warrant was executed about 10 p.m. Both Harvell and Zennerman were arrested shortly afterwards.

Huffman said anytime his department receives complaints of video gambling machines, it would be investigated. &uot;The state of Alabama says they’re illegal,&uot; he said.