Former Miss Alabama joins Davis’ staff

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 11, 2003

A former Miss Alabama has joined U.S. Rep. Artur Davis in changing the face of Alabama.

Scarlotte Deupree, the 2002 Miss Alabama, has signed onto Davis’ team as the media and communications liaison with Initiative 7, a non-profit resource board created by Davis to assist Black Belt residents through developing projects.

Deupree agreed. &uot;It’s not a hand-out,&uot; she said. &uot;It’s a hand-up.&uot;

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Deupree added that instead of focusing on bringing new industry into the area, Initiative 7 builds on the Black Belt’s existing assets.

Deupree is in the process of setting up her Birmingham office, but she’s already planning on attending a July 12 seminar at the University of Alabama.

The seminar is part a series that will provide training on how people can better serve their community.

In her role as liaison, Deupree will touch base with media about events and projects Davis’ office has a hand in. There are a number of projects currently on the drawing board, but an official unveiling of those projects won’t occur until September.

Deupree said her position as former Miss Alabama will assist her in her new capacity on Davis’ staff. &uot;You develop the knack and ability to help people,&uot; Deupree said. &uot;You develop the ability to communicate with people.&uot;

Deupree said she wanted to join Davis’ staff and work on Initiative 7 because she believes Davis is making change happen. &uot;I believe in Congressman Artur Davis. I believe he’s making a difference in Alabama,&uot; she said.

Programs such as Initiative 7, she added, are what she wants to do with her life because of her strong belief in educating people, health care and job opportunities.

According to Peterson, Initiative 7, a non-profit organization, is the creation of Davis, who serves as honorary chairman.