Bobo: American Candy benefits a relief

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 7, 2003

When the U.S. Department of Labor qualified American Candy Company workers for the federal Trade Act Program recently, no one seemed more thrilled than Georgia Bobo.

It was Bobo, former vice president of Human Resources of the now-defunct company, who helped write the petition requesting aid from the Department of Labor.

Because the Department of Labor found that workers of the candy company became unemployed due to increased foreign imports, they are now eligible for subsidized vocational training, job search assistance, and relocation allowances.

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Another added benefit is displaced workers who have exhausted their cash benefits under other state and federal unemployment compensation programs can receive additional weekly payments equivalent to the amount they were previously receiving.

Bobo said she and others have been working with the state labor departments since March trying to make sure the 330 employees laid off from the plant continue to get the help they need.

While Bobo is glad to see all of her efforts have been successful, helping the displaced candy workers is nothing new to her.

A majority of the employees, Bobo says, also received all of the benefits due to them before the closing of the plant.

According to a representative from the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, the employees will be receiving a letter detailing how to file for Trade Act programs and what they are entitled to. Once qualified, the benefits will be handled through their local unemployment agencies.