Saints go marching toward new attitude

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 15, 2003

It hasn’t taken long for Woodrow Lowe Jr. to put his stamp on the Selma High School football program.

The Saints began their summer workout and community outreach last week, both are going well.

“It’s a whole different attitude,” senior running back Adrian Woodson said. “We’ve got all the players motivated and ready to go. It’s just the attitude he instilled in the players, the attitude he’s instilled in the community.”

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The response Lowe received from the players and the community has added to his inspiration.

“It’s motivation,” Lowe said. “We’re trying to change the mentality to a positive way of thinking, not only just in this team but outside in the community and in everything we do.”

The Saints’ summer workout program includes a series of four sessions daily, players are asked to attend two of the four.

Lowe injected a new energy into the Saints that has quickly spread.

The number of players, 70 to 80, out for the summer workouts easily doubles the number of players. Plus over 40 freshman have indicated they are going to play next season.

The measure of Lowe’s impact isn’t names on a sign-up sheet. It’s players out on the practice field, twice-a-day, sweating in the summer heat and working to get better.

“Everybody wants to play for him,” Woodson said. “If you work hard and put your heart out there, you’re going to play.”

Woodson said Lowe’s presence has made a difference in the way he and others view the football program.

“Me personally, I’ve been on the team four years and I didn’t like the way things were going,” he said. “Now, I love it, I’m blessed.”

Senior linebacker Jeremy Carter says he believes Lowe the differences Lowe is making now, will pay off in the future.

“We have a better workout program,” Carter said. “I believe we’re going to do something this year.”

It’s not just the quantity of players out for the summer work that is impressive, but also the quality.

“Selma never hurts for any kind of athlete,” Lowe said. “(But) we’ve got to get them stronger, faster and bigger.”

Lowe is also trying to raise the Saints’ image within the community.

He encourages his players to get out and be active in Selma.

Tuesday morning, Lowe had his players picking up trash.

He also plans to have his players work with local youth.

“We’ve got a lot of things we’ve go to do this summer to support the community,” Lowe said. “Hopefully, they’ll support us.”