Teen drinking a recipe for misery

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 4, 2003

Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman says these can be dangerous days for our area high school students.

Huffman is referring to graduation parties that often take place during this time of year. These parties, in themselves, are harmless, but danger enters the picture when high schoolers drink at these functions.

Huffman is concerned about parents at host homes supplying alcohol to minors at such events. This is, of course, illegal and is not a favor to the teens attending. If adults allow a minor to drink on their property and then leave, the adult can be responsible for any accidents or damage that teen creates.

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But if it were simply an issue of breaking a law or being sued, the subject of underage drinking and driving might be glossed over. Instead, it can be a matter of life and death.

Every weekend, teens in this area are obtaining alcohol and driving our streets. It’s a dangerous game that can lead to sorrow and misery.

When the sheriff of this county is concerned enough to make a public statement warning adults not to supply minors with alcohol, we have a situation that needs attention.

Huffman says that just about every year a teen dies in this area in an automobile wreck around the time of graduation. Most of the time alcohol was a factor, he says.

The best way to prevent someone’s graduation from turning into a funeral is to make it difficult for teens to obtain alcohol. This should start with parents having a policy of no alcohol at graduation parties.

Parents would also be wise to counsel teens again on the dangers of alcohol and automobiles.

We hope this graduation season is a safe one and without tragedy.