City Clean-Up Day beneficial to all

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 1, 2003

This year’s city-wide clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday. This is one of the best one-day events in Selma.

We all win when we take to the streets and pick up litter. The better Selma looks, the better image we present.

The clean-up day is a great event because it rids the city of mountains of garbage and rubbish. It’s also vital because it creates community spirit. Just as importantly, clean-up day sends out the message that we are willing to come together to fight a problem that affects all of us. Unity will be a by-product of the effort to clean up Selma.

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This year’s clean-up has a special twist because it involves area schools. When trash is collected, it can be brought to your nearest city school where it will be collected and recorded. When you drop off the trash, you can designate what school will receive credit for your trash. This is important: The school collecting the most trash will win $500.

Both private schools and public schools are eligible. There are no strings attached to the money. Schools may use it as they please.

This is a great idea. We think this new twist to clean-up day will create the competition and drive that will add even more meaning to this important event. Organizers of clean-up day also expect many students from area schools to participate.

We support efforts to clean this city. We support clean-up day and the excellent idea of having schools compete for a $500 prize.

To get involved, simply show up at the Wal-Mart parking lot on Friday and pick up trash bags, picks and gloves.

In the end, our schools win, the community wins, and we have a much cleaner city.