Selma police officers honored for going beyond call of duty

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Selma Police Department Officers Ed Merrell and Ray Moore didn’t have to enter Southside Primary School April 14. There was nothing more than a broken window at the scene. It could have been written up as a criminal mischief report and quickly forgotten about.

Instead, the officers entered the school &045;&045; and earned themselves a commendation.

Swanson said the call about the window was received around 2:30 a.m. When Merrell and Moore arrived, principal Patricia Redd was already at the scene. Redd had searched the gymnasium, but hadn’t proceeded any further.

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Moore and Merrell entered the school, and after a search of the building turned up two juveniles in the library. One came out when the officers started their search of the room, but the other remained hiding under a desk until found. Both were taken into custody.

Neither juvenile was a

student of the school.

Swanson said a number of burglaries have occurred at the school recently, and Moore and Merrell’s actions show attention and initiative.

Moore, a veteran of the Selma Police Department, said the search not only ensured the building was safe but also gave Principal Patricia Redd peace of mind.

Merrell, a rookie officer, said the commendation &045;&045; his first &045;&045; made him proud to be part of the department.

Warren Hinson, Selma Police Department public information officer, said the commendations not only create a higher level of morale for officers, but also let the public know their streets are being patrolled.