Man pleads guilty to drug charges

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 28, 2003

Dallas County’s trial week has ended, but jail time for Timothy Bumpers has just begun.

Attorneys were in the process of striking a jury when Bumpers, 45, entered a &uot;guilty&uot; plea last week. Bumpers was to be tried for possession of controlled substances.

Bumpers received a 10-year suspended sentence, which reduced his obligation to five years probation and one year in the Dallas County Jail.

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According to Dallas County District Attorney Ed Greene, Bumpers’ case extends back to 2001, when Bumpers was suspected of using a house on Lapsley Street to sell drugs.

Several minors were also suspected of using drugs at the address. &uot;He seemed to be the adult leader of the pack,&uot; Greene said.

There had been reports of people coming and going from the house. Assistant Chief Deputy Wayne Odom said the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department had watched the house at different times until Feb. 19, 2001, when someone known to the department was observed leaving the house.

The individual was stopped, and permission given for deputies to search him. Both marijuana and cocaine were found.

Odom said the man decided it was in his best interest to cooperate, and chose to talk to deputies.

A search warrant was issued and the house searched the same day. Items found included two small bags of powdered cocaine, a metal cigarette case with marijuana cigarettes, and a film canister with marijuana seeds and $123.