Class includes a pie in the face

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 24, 2003

Kindergarten students at Brantley Elementary School gave their principal and teachers a special treat Friday before leaving for spring break: a big plate of whipped cream thrown directly in their faces.

But instead of getting in trouble, these students actually had permission to do such a daring act.

The whipped-cream toss was a reward to the kindergartners for raising the most money for their school.

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For the past four months, grades K-6 competed with each other to see which class could donate the largest amount of change.

The kindergarten classes managed to raise a combined total of $634, giving them the coveted opportunity to throw the whipped cream.

The first-grade classes came in second place with a combined total of $310 and third place went to the second graders for their contribution of $152.

First-grade teacher Kesia Smith, 26, said Brantley Elementary has been holding fund-raisers all year in order to fix the school’s gymnasium.

Besides the change collection, the school also had a horse show, Halloween dance, sold raffle tickets, and had a fruit-and-candy sale.

So far, around $8,000 has been raised to pay for a new floor, equipment and a fresh coat of paint.

While Principal Frankie Peoples may not have enjoyed having a face full of cream, he said it was all for a good cause.

Of course, the biggest thrill of the day came from the students themselves.

McCant, a first-grade teacher, said she didn’t mind being covered in a white gooey mess.

While repairs for the school gym are nearly complete, the school still needs to raise another $5,000 to buy bleachers.

Captain D’s, Krispy Kream Doughnuts, and Freewill Baptist Church in Montgomery have already greatly contributed to the cause, but Smith said she and the rest of the fund-raising committee will be finding other ways to buy the bleachers before the end of the school year.