City schools to check weapons

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 13, 2003

The Selma City School Board last night unanimously voted to implement weapons checks at all city school-related sporting events.

The recommendation &045;&045; offered by Candi Duncan of the administrative services committee &045;&045; will place trained security personnel at the events to check for weapons and other harmful items.

People will be screened before being allowed to enter playing fields, gymnasiums and other facilities for school-sponsored sporting events.

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The new policy will help prevent acts of violence and terrorism, Duncan explained, though specific details of the new policy have not yet been worked out.

Health and safety issues also consumed the board at last night’s regular monthly meeting.

Board Members unanimously agreed to update several health-related policies to ensure they’re in line with current state and federal laws.

Among the topics on the agenda were a revised HIV/AIDS policy, communicable disease prevention and containment policy and the creation of an invasive procedures and new health-education policy.

The school district’s current AIDS/HIV policy states that those who carry the diseases pose no significant risk to others while in school, day-care, or school-sponsored activities. The board will also not discriminate on the basis of HIV infection or association with another person who has the disease, in accordance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

Specific policy changes are still under consideration.

James Carter, city schools superintendent, said he realized the board needed to revise its health policies after a parent became angry when a school sent her sick-child home.

In other board business, Carter announced the school system received a $141,266 telecommunications grant called E-Rate, allowing city schools to receive money for additional technology.

The school board also congratulated eighth-grade, Selma Middle C.H.A.T. Academy teacher, Ella Murdock, for receiving the city school system’s teacher of the year honor.