Museum honors former ‘pink ladies’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Searching for just the right words to describe the selfless contributions of those they had come to honor, Annie Laurie Williams turned to a higher power than herself.

They had come to honor the deceased members of the original old Vaughan Hospital Auxiliary, men and women who volunteered countless hours to alleviate the suffering of others.

The original Vaughan Hospital Auxiliary no longer exists, having been merged into the current Vaughan Regional Medical Center Auxiliary. Many of the members of the current auxiliary were on hand to honor those who came before them. A plaque inscribed with their names will be placed on the third floor of the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum.

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The museum is housed in the building that was once the old Vaughan Hospital. The third floor has been transformed into a medical museum.

Betty Hudson, president of the auxiliary, spoke for many of those present when she said, &uot;We treasure the thought that this plaque will be kept here in the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum. We appreciate being recognized today.&uot;

Williams, president of the Friends of the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum, agreed, adding, &uot;They still live in the hearts and minds of all those they served.&uot;

Betty Kendall, auxiliary chaplain, said that it was important not to forget the contributions, large and small, of those who have come before.

Addressing members of the present auxiliary, Kendall said, &uot;Think of all the miles of hallways you’ve walked. Then think of every telephone call you’ve taken. And then think of all the patients that you’ve been able to touch their lives and make their stay in the hospital just a little bit better.

The names of the deceased members of the original old Vaughan Hospital Auxiliary are:

Lisa DeBardelaben, James Bruce Sara Arrington, Evelyn Loeb, Bernard Sobera, Winfred Wasden, Flora Craig, (M.E.) Peggy Jones, Dorothy Hicks, Louise Warley, Bessie Powell, Mildred Patterson, Ellen Williams, Gail Lawler, Virginia Ware, Thelma Mitchell, Margaret Diner, Frances Blackwell, Alice Grey Moore, Wilma Webster, Ann Robertson, and Roosevelt Smith.