Goodwin involved with city’s well being

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Ivory and Lee Goodwin were both born in Tyler &045;&045; but several years apart, and first met in Detroit, some years later. Lee Goodwin lived in Dallas County through the fourth grade at Clark School, where he was enrolled. He lived with his aunt Elvesta Thomas on Griffin Street during the week.

In 1947, the family moved to Detroit, where he stayed for 51 years. In 1956, Goodwin graduated from high school, where his interest in politics began. A copy of Boys Day Committee from Detroit hangs in his historic district home; he ‘s the young man on the far right.

Goodwin remains politically aware, never missing a meeting of the Selma City Council, which he addresses on occasion. During the most recent meeting, he informed its members that he was grading them on their conducting city business &uot;and some of you are in danger of failing,&uot; he said.

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Lee Goodwin, now a reverend, entered the ministry in 1982. He’d been with General Motors (GM), where he served as plant chaplain for 12 years, a program he instituted with the United Automobile Workers. He also served a tour with the United States Air Force, at stations in California, Illinois and Japan, where his base was a Quonset hut at a radar site on a rock in the Sea of Japan.

Ivory Goodwin stayed in Tyler until she was 12, when her family moved to Birmingham. In 1968, she moved to Detroit and opened a restaurant. In 1975 a restaurant supplier mentioned a cousin who was also from Tyler, now living in Detroit. They met, dated for eight years, and married in January 1982.

Her restaurant closed in 1976, the recession putting her out of business, Lee Goodwin explains.

Twenty years before the move was actually made, Lee and Ivory Goodwin decided to come back South.

Ivory Goodwin tells why: &uot;I liked the quietness, the peace, and people are definitely friendlier in the South, especially in a small town,&uot; she says. &uot;We wanted a small town, where we could be involved in the community.&uot;

In 1998, GM transferred Goodwin to Athens., where he bought a home, and in 1999 the couple moved to Selma, where they also owned a home. Goodwin retired in 2000, but a hip replacement temporarily delayed his community involvement. Now, he serves as associate pastor at Second Baptist Church, teaches a Bible Study class and Sunday school with his wife.

On the second and fourth Mondays of each month they are in city council chambers at Selma City Hall. Their presence is also noted at specially called meetings and at other civic occasions.

The reason for the challenge he issued to the Council?