The price of freedom is always high

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 2, 2003

The storm clouds in the Middle East have been gathering for months as the United States prepares for possible war with Iraq.

Now those clouds are begining to cast their shadow over Alabama as more and more units of the National Guard and Reserve are called up.

Alabama ranks fifth in the number of residents per capita who have been mobilized since the buildup began. Our state historically has had one of the largest Guards in the country.

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According to figures released by the Pentagon, 6,120 reservists and Guard members have been mobilized from Alabama.

We can no longer speak about a possible war in abstract terms. These are our friends, neighbors and loved ones who are being called to place their lives in harm’s way to defend our country’s interests. Almost everyone we talk to these days knows someone personally who has been called up.

Friday, this paper reported on one of those who has answered the call to duty. Glenn Taylor is pastor of Orrville Baptist Church. He is also group chaplain of the Army Reserve’s 926th Engineer Group. Thursday, he and the other members of the 926th left on the first leg of their journey to the Middle East.

As a chaplain, Taylor is a man of peace. The need for faith is perhaps strongest in times of trouble. In his last sermon before leaving, Taylor called upon his faith to explain today’s terrible events. He cited the biblical verse which states there is a time for everything, including war.

That time appears to be drawing ever nearer.

Let us as a nation not shirk our responsibilities now merely because the price may be high. The price of freedom has always been high. Men like Glenn Taylor are willing to place their lives on the line. Let us pray that their bravery and their sacrifices are not in vain.