Kids spend spring break learning history

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 28, 2003

They’re spending their spring break living out of hotels, sleeping on a bus and studying the Civil Rights movement.

This week, the University of Michigan’s Get on the Bus 2003 class came through Selma and spent an afternoon at the National Voting Rights Museum on Water Avenue.

Jennifer Nathan, director of public relations for the tour, said the group had already visited sites in Memphis, Nashville, Cleveland and Jackson, Miss.

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In Memphis, the group visited the building where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed &045;&045; now a National Civil Rights Museum.

The group, which began its tour Feb. 20, has also learned about sharecropping while on levies by the Mississippi River. The most potent moments on the trip so far, though, have been in Selma, Nathan said.

This is Nathan’s second time with the bus tour. The first trip had changed her life, and she wanted to share it with others because it meant so much to her.

Rebecca Robinson, a University of Michigan student on the trip, said she joined the tour because she was interested in the Civil Rights movement’s details and emotions.

History student Stephanie Fitzwater took the tour last year and wanted to help plan this year’s excursion, a lesson in experiential learning, as she called it.

Joseph Gonzalez, the tour group’s leader and a lecturer at the university, said the trip was important because it united both academic and experiential education.