Annexation resolutions eyed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 25, 2003

The city of Selma is looking at two resolutions concerning the annexation of its gateways.

At Monday night’s meeting City Attorney Jimmy Nunn said that the next step in the annexation process was for the City Council to approve two resolutions concerning properties affected by KPS Group’s annexation plan.

Last week, KPS Group Senior Vice President Darrell Meyer presented a focused annexation plan in two different meetings.

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Nunn said that the first resolution dealt with State Route 14 East, U.S. Highway 80 East and West, and Highway 22 West.

The second resolution dealt with US Highway 22 East.

The reason, Nunn said, was because the community of Valley Grande had incorporated and the election certified, but there was still pending litigation.

If only one resolution were used then it would be possible for the entire process to be invalidated.

However, Nunn said, two resolutions would ensure that any challenge to the process would affect only the one concerning Highway 22 East.

An invalidation of the Valley Grande election, Nunn added, would mean that both resolutions would be in effect.

Councilwoman Nancy Sewell suggested that the council have a work session about the resolutions and that they be tabled for now.

Councilwoman Jean Martin, however, said that she was present at Meyer’s first presentation and understood it well. She didn’t think a work session was necessary.

Councilwoman Bennie Ruth Crenshaw agreed with Martin and said she thought Meyer was clear during his presentation. She added that she wanted to move forward with the process.

Councilman Glenn Sexton said that he thought the city needed to clean up its own actions and not go after Valley Grande. He added that people would look to Mayor James Perkins Jr. as the individual to blame in that circumstance.

Franklin said she was concerned about a residence in flames that wasn’t in the police jurisdiction.

One phase of Meyer’s plan is to reduce the police jurisdiction back to Selma’s city limits.

Councilman James Durry jumped back to Martin’s comments and said he would like to sit down with business owners affected by the plan and get a consensus.

Crenshaw asked if Durry believed anything reasonable would come from business owners out of that meeting.

Councilman Sam Randolph said he was in support of the plan. If people want fire and police protection, he added, they were either with the city or against it.

Council President George Evans said he was reluctant to approve the plan Monday. It was the first time he had seen the information, and he couldn’t vote realistically and fairly based on that, he added.

Sewell agreed and said that sometimes circumstances make council members miss meetings.

After discussion, the council agreed to recess Monday’s meeting and resume it Wednesday at 5 p.m. for the purpose of further discussion about annexation.

In other matters the council:

The zoning was changed from a residence to a business.

According to the proclamation, the day is a national celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday and promotes reading and adult involvement in the education of the community’s students.

Evans said that he wanted a second round of interviews so that, among other things, salaries could be discussed.

Sewell said it would be best if some of the positions were consolidated.

The city currently has openings in the city clerk, treasurer and finance director positions.

Sexton said that there wasn’t any way anyone could be hired that night, and added that he didn’t want to do anything until the city auditor’s report had been presented.

The work session then moved into executive session.

Goodwin said he was present to give the council members an evaluation and compared it to grades given in school.

Evans, Goodwin said, had control of the council session and he urged him to &uot;take charge.&uot;

Goodwin also said that council members engage in side conversations and keep their attention on other matters while city business is being conducted.