Traveling silver clinic passes through Selma

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Cheryl Easterbrooks looks over the silver collection in Truax and Co., pointing out how rare a particular set of silver plates is.

She’s taking a break from the task she came to Selma to do &045;&045; inspect silver pieces to see what type of repairs that they need and how owners need to go about getting them repaired.

She works for The Silver Clinic, located in Philadelphia, which specializes in silver and silver-plated household item restoration.

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The clinic is famous for its traveling silver clincs, in which a consultant visits local jewlery stores and talks with customers about restoring their silver pieces. The consultant prices the work and ships the silver back to Philadelphia, where it is repaired. It takes about eight to 10 weeks before the owner gets the silver back.

Easterbrooks was in Selma at Butler-Truax Jewelers recently to hold one of these clinics. It’s not the first time she’s been here to consult with people about their silver.

The current owners of The Silver Clinc bought the Keystone Silver Company, which went into business in 1914, Easterbrooks said. After owning it for awhile, she joined the company right when they changed their name to The Silver Clinic.

Easterbrooks got into the business by working at a jewelry store much like Butler-Truax. She said she spent one year working at the repair counter, handling pieces that needed to be repaired and deciding where they should be sent.

Time after time, despite a higher price than other silversmiths, Easterbrooks sent her works to The Silver Clinic.

Because her customers demanded the best quality, Easterbrooks said she kept using The Silver Clinic. She said she knew that the work was going do be done right, so she didn’t have to worry about it. She joined the company 10 years ago.

Easterbrooks said that the clinic does not accept mail-ins from this area of the country. Those intrested in wanting to get their silver repaired at the clinic must go through the clinic’s local affiliate &045;&045; in Selma’s case, Butler-Truax Jewelers.