Man faces 30 counts of forgery

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 6, 2003

The forged checks just keep piling up.

William Kevin Prough of Selma, 34, was arrested near noon on Tuesday at his home for the alleged forging of checks. According to Lt. David Evans of the Selma Police Department, Prough has been charged with 30 counts of forgery second degree.

And there could be even more counts on the way.

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Prough allegedly took two checkbooks from a relative and began writing checks at a number of local businesses in Selma, including convenience stores and restaurants. Once the checks started coming back business owners alerted the police.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department has also become involved in the forgery case.

Capt. Roy Freine said that they are looking at three checks Prough allegedly forged in the county to Valley Grande Grocery.

Once all the evidence is in, though, Freine said that he wouldn’t be surprised if the total number of counts from both the city and county came close to 70.

“We’ve got five counts on him and we’re expecting more,” Freine said.

The sheriff’s department began working on the forgery case a week ago. That’s because Prough allegedly began forging checks in the county only recently.

When businesses in the county started to get checks back from the bank stating that the account had been closed they called the sheriff’s office.

Freine said that the cases will be presented to the next grand jury, which should occur in March. If all checks haven’t been processed through the system by March’s grand jury then additional ones will be given to future grand juries.

According to the Code of Alabama, a charge of first degree forgery is given for items such as stamps and securities issued by the government. Forged stocks and bonds would also bring down a first degree charge.

Second degree charges are reserved for items like deeds, checks, wills and contracts, and are considered Class C felonies.

District Attorney Ed Greene said that a Class C felony can draw a sentence of a year and day. Each forged check could count as a different charge.

Prough is currently in the Dallas County jail being held on $10,000 bond.